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Stop the cause of violence and start the global cooling, by an international ban all meat.

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The people of the world are sleeping to the real cause of violence and crime.

We have scientific prof that serious criminals stay gentle law abiding citizens for many years mainly by being educated in the value of animal equality and fed vegan diets in this California prison in Adelato. .

Wars will stop, people really change, incredible kindness awakens in our hearts and minds for others. I have never hit a woman and I was born and raised by ethical vegetarians. Moral vegans and vegetarians are never serial killers. A person comfortable in slitting the throat of a fish or pet chicken finds it very easy to cut the throat of a human that stands in his way. 

United Nations released reports that nearly 70% of the world grains are grown to fatten animals, while ten of thousands of people die daily from starvation. We kill people indirectly if we consum meat. Watch Leonardo Dicaprio's ban on beef, . Some scientist, like Bill Gates have said.  "If we don't become vegan life as we know it may end." That means human civilization may end in less than 20 years from this global heating. 

Why cut down trees to cook our fellow friends the animals? Billions of fires daily are cooking meat. Meat takes half an hour to cook, where as cooking 4 flat breads takes 2 minutes. Each fire also contributes to global warming. Animals should be buried  by trees that will in turn grow much bigger and produce oxygen to help cool our planet. Meat causes more diseases than anything else. We should not allow our bodies to become a cemetery of our friends, nor should we discriminate who we should pet shake hands with or who should go on the dinner table. No one is a fan of racism, so are not all animals created equal?  So please think. You are what you eat don't be a piece of meat, don't be a bully! Bully wooly. 


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