Objection to proposed 24 Hour Off Leash Dog area - Edithvale Beach

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Firstly we would like to state that we are lovers of dogs with responsible owners. 

However, many residents of Kingston Council strongly object to Kingston Council’s proposal of  a 24 hour off leash area for dogs on Edithvale Beach.

As you may aware, Edithvale beach is a part of an 8.6km uninterrupted stretch of sand and dunes in South East Melbourne that runs from Patterson River to Mordialloc and is used all year round by local residents and day trippers for sunbathing, walking, relaxing and swimming – and dog walking.

The beach is a treasured asset to be enjoyed and respected by all of the community, and this proposal assumes all dog owners are responsible, local residents with occasional visitors,   however, local residents with personal experience this is unfortunately far from reality. 

On many occasions residents have witnessed and experienced the following:

Dog walkers with dogs off leash, at least 100 to 200 meters from their dog, which means they are unable to control it when it bounds towards people, at times knocking adults and children off their feet. 

The whole beach area is used for people walking, running and exercising from one end of Long Beach to the other.  Dogs off leash frequently run up to and around adults and children.  I have personally been bitten and had a jacket ripped by a ‘playful’ dog off leash with no apology,  from the ‘responsible owner’.

Lying and relaxing on the beach is nigh impossible with unsupervised dogs running around, sniffing drinks and sneaking sandwiches, shaking off wet and sandy coats  – ruining any chance of a leisurely picnic. 

Dog mess is not always picked up by owners, especially when the owners are on the water’s edge and the dogs are in the dunes. 

Dog owners and walkers can currently use the beach as an  On / off leash area from sunrise-10am off leash area on sand only - 10am-7:30pm no dogs allowed on sand - 7:30pm-sunrise on leash area

If an off leash area is required, it should be situated at either end of the beach, not right in the centre of an 8.6km stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach.

Parking is already restricted in the surrounding streets and residents often find it hard to access their driveway and have an area for family or friends to park.

Whilst it is agreed in principle an off leash area could be beneficial to dog owners, hence the community, why not situate at either end of the beach rather than in the middle? The proposed site limits the enjoyment of the beach for non-dog owners. Furthermore, is our beloved beach to be scarred with ugly signage, destroying the unspoilt sweep of sand that has been enjoyed by generations.

We would greatly appreciate your support to petition Kingston Council to reconsider.