Block trophy hunters/professional hunters from social media

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Wild animal numbers continue to decline each new day. Extinction of some species such as the Northern White Rhino is staring at our eyes. It's such a pity that it's living human beings who have caused all this destruction. The future generations can only read about these animals in books. There is nothing as professional hunting. This is a painted word for poaching and all these people calling themselves professional hunters and trophy hunters are no less poachers. It is therefore wrong to have their photos on social media where they have posed with bodies of animals they have killed. We are glorifying, accommodating them and telling them this is the way to go. Just as explicit content is regulated on social media, posing with the body of a dead wild animal should also be classified as explicit. It's so shameful to take a life of a defenseless, harmless animal in the name of fun. Every living thing in this world has a right to life and no other life has the right to take it away.