Ban the selling of all animals, licensed or unlicensed on Facebook and Gumtree.

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With the new licensing laws coming into place regarding breeders of dogs. This is a great thing and long overdue. Public sites like Facebook and gumtree have made it incredibly easy for back street breeders to make a profit from breeding without caring for the welfare of the dogs. It has also made it possible for puppy farms to expand vastly. It is horrific how animals have become disposable online nowadays. Breeders are making up breeds and crossing all sorts with no regard to previous health conditions and charging a extautionate amount for these breeds regardless to fill their back pocket. 

Anyone is able to purchase a dog through Facebook and gumtree and dogs are being passed around owners like they do not matter. Dogs are being rehomed, then sold, then rehomed. 

The new licensing laws will not stop these back street breeders selling puppies as you are still able to breed two litters a year as a hobby. Which I’m sure will be abused and this can not be kept track off. The only really way is for Facebook in particular and gumtree to ban the selling of animals on their sites.  Please help and sign this petition.


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