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Ban Jacob Nobles From Facebook

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Jacob Daniel Nobles/Victoria Paris is an infamous Facebook "celebrity" that needs a lot of help.

He's done everything from eat his own feces, throwing up and eating it out of a vase, eating used tampons and even gone as far as having sex with a chicken all for Facebook "fame" and popularity.. Jacob doesn't have family in his life, according to him his father hates him for being gay.

A lot of younger kids on Facebook are inspired by him because he's so popular, but he's not a good influence on any of them. So many children these days have Facebook and other social media and they're so easily influenced by horrible figures, Jacob being one of them. He should be removed from Facebook until he gets the help he needs.

He posted his attempted suicide recently on Facebook shortly before deactivating but his influence still remains. He's very unstable, he's manipulated and blackmailed people and he's even attempted to ruin people's lives. He needs some sort of stability before he comes back onto the site, and what he's doing to himself doesn't help matters of him healing.

People who are this mentally ill need serious help, and Facebook isn't a place for them where it makes matters worse when they get attacked and where they can easily manipulate people and encourage them to be just like them.

Please, sign this petition to get the word out and soon it'll come to Facebook's attention.

This is a small album of just a few things that should be seen.

Please, sign this and help him. Help all his followers to see what he's doing. For you, for your friends, maybe even your kids.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope we can get something done for him, together. So he can be happy and get the help he needs before it's too late.

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