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Ban Hunting Support Pages On All Social Media.

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Social media should not be used to support and promote violence, hate and illegal sports. 

The recent news and government elections have put animals, in the U.K, such as foxes, in more danger than they have been in years. 

Animals are intelligent, sentient creatures regardless of what the current government are trying to promote. This country should be moving forwards, yet we are being pushed back by biogated, entitled, cruel people who truly believe they have more right to this world than other species. 

I feel the use of social media to promote these cruel sports is just as bad as commiting the crime, yet even after multiple reports media sites such as Facebook don’t appear to be closing these pages even though they are supporting a criminal offence.

As of to date fox hunting in the U.k is illegal, therefore shouldn’t promoting it also be an offence?

People are using these groups as a rallying point to gather and commit these crimes. In recent news a group of people used excuses such as “Only searching for the scent” to start up a fox hunt in which a fox got viciously ripped apart by dogs, several dogs were trampled on and killed and a horse died after suffering a heart attack. 

These people commit these crimes because they have been given the means to organise them, this may not stop the crime all together but it will at least stunt it.

Please help support this petition and make it so that all of these pages are shut down and banned from social media. 

Cruelty should not be supported or promoted.


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