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Ban gratuitous animal cruelty videos and images.

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There are many pages on facebook promoting things like dog fights, animal torture and despicable videos of 'members of the human race' burning kitties alive. Facebook won't ban them because “people come to Facebook to share experiences of the world around them and on occasion this may result in the sharing of content that some may find upsetting”. Really? 'experiences of the world'? what's next? videos of murders? because that's also part of the 'experiences of the world'. Facebook should draw a line, if the picture is not informative or part of a campaign against violence or cruelty it shouldn't be there. Another brilliant Facebook quote "we do not allow content that directly encourages violence, we try to create a safe environment that balances people’s desire to express themselves" I really doubt you can classify 'animal torture' as a form of expression, and again they are wrong, in the case of the kitty burn video it does encourage violence, at least in me, I have a new born desire to burn alive the kids that made the video. Facebook just reply these questions: does seeing some jerks torturing an animal make anyone's life better? no. Does it make your 'online community image' better? definitely no. Makes most of your users upset and angry and hating you more than before seeing it? yes. "Facebook’s argument is that if it prevented users from sharing similarly shocking content, it would be problematic for charities and news organisations attempting to raise awareness of atrocities around the world". Is not that difficult Facebook! If it comes from a charity or a news source and its objective is to raise awareness (against animal torture and violence, oh the irony) it is ok to post. If it comes from random people having fun torturing animals it is not. Quite easy. Let's try to make the world or at least the internet or at least Facebook a better place. If you are a user don't leave FB, things won't change alone, stay and fight.


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