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Action against Abduction: Kidnapping Awareness

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Kidnapping is a serious crime that everyone should be paying attention to. No one knows when or where the abductors could appear. Many people are getting alarmed by this especially our loved ones. It is alarming for them to hear recently concluded news of abduction as their relative might be involved. Hearing stories from different places in the country about kidnapping syndicates makes everyone anxious and worried for their loved ones’ safety.

Kidnapping is an issue that needs to be raised and a campaign about this notorious crime would surely help each and every one. This campaign would help raise awareness to every person starting from some awareness tips to be posted simply on social media sites and such stuff as it could possibly lessen the said rate of abduction in various places. It would be beneficial to cite prevention tips about how to avoid and escape from being abducted and to cite information about the authorities whom we could ask for help in case of emergencies. This campaign could also help lessen the said crime rate in the country as viewers would be well informed about the issue. Building an online community that helps to raise awareness to prevent kidnapping is also a good thing to promote a sense of responsibility for humanity.

Promoting a sense of responsibility to the society by means of raising awareness about kidnapping is the main objective of this campaign. Updating shared stories and prevention tips as much as possible to raise awareness is what this campaign aims to do. Free advices and opinions from the online community would definitely add justification about the main concern. Concluding that, anyone could also be a helping hand to prevent the dirty tactics of kidnapping syndicates.

This petition would be a great help to lessen the increasing rate of kidnapping cases. Let us spread out awareness in order for these crimes to slim down and bring back the harmonious community we are entitled to. 

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