Free Johnny Collins: An Innocent man who has served 20 years in Prison

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THERE WAS NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, NO DNA, NO CREDIBLE WITNESSES, NO CLEAR MOTIVE, and NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD, yet JOHNNY COLLINS is currently serving a Life Sentence, Johnny Collins has maintained his Innocence over the Last twenty (20) years.

On October 22, 1998, three robbers entered “Bill’s Market” in Rio Linda, California, wearing dark clothing and ski masks. The three intruders were Between 5’5 to 5’11 tall and medium build Confirmed by the Owner of Bills Market at Johnny’s trial under cross examination and Johnny was 6’5 tall and 250 lbs. The intruders duct taped the owners (a husband & wife clerk-team) before robbing the business. The trio fled the scene with cash and property in a 1987 Mazda 626 sedan, which the trio had stolen on the evening prior to the robbery. The female clerk, suffered from pre-existing medicals problems, passed away from what was assumed by doctors to be a heart and/or breathing complications due to her being placed on the floor of her business while being bound.

Although Johnny Collins had an alibi for the time in which the robbery had taken place, he was nonetheless found guilty on “He said, she said” false testimony by prosecution witnesses and sent to Prison. Recently Johnny Collins has discovered the existence of previously hidden physical evidence, Shoe-print impressions left at the scene of the crime by the trio. We hired a Forensic Expert that completed the Photo examination / report, that determined the shoe prints left behind by the trio are Size 11 and Johnny’s shoe size is 14. Which clearly demonstrates his innocence. Although law enforcement knew of this evidence, back in October 1998, they Suppressed (Concealed / withheld) it.

Johnny Has Completed numerous Programs and Correspondence courses through Various colleges to obtain his Paralegal Certificate, Associate Degree, Ordained minister certificate to name a few. Johnny Currently works in the Law library and helps other inmates with Law related questions / their cases.   

Despite evidence of his Innocence, Johnny remains in prison with his sentence. California Governor Gavin Newsom must step in to Correct this wrong. He has power and authority to release Johnny through the Clemency/Commutation process.

Please sign this petition to correct the injustice that occurred with Johnny. We thank you for your support.


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