Change LSU's Dangerous Greek Life Action Plan

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           On September 13th, 2017, a tragedy occurred at Louisiana State University. Maxwell Gruver, an 18-year-old freshman rushing the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, passed away due to alcohol poisoning caused by alleged hazing. 

            This terrible event caused a necessary, well-deserved look into hazing in Greek Life and other student organizations on campuses across the country. The President of LSU, F. King Alexander, proposed a task force that would examine how to prevent future hazing and would create new regulations to decrease the hazing culture at LSU.

            The problem is, the LSU task force recommended regulations that have little to do with hazing, the cause of a student’s death. The purposed regulations create an even more dangerous environment for LSU’s students, especially those of them in Greek Life.

           The first of these recommendations is to Ban Hard Alcohol and Common Source Alcohol from Greek houses and events. While this may seem like a sound recommendation at the surface, it encourages students who choose to drink to binge drink heavily before the events. This sort of binge drinking before an event or party is commonly known as “pre-gaming.” This pre-gaming can lead to serious issues as there is no supervision. Alcohol poisoning and drunk driving are likely to occur as students attempt to make it to these events as a direct result of these regulations. We believe it would be best if F. King Alexander and the task force would consider recanting this recommendation, that way events could continue with hard and common source alcohol, giving the university the ability to supervise and keep students safe.

           The second of the two recommendations is to move all IFC tailgates from the Parade Grounds to individual chapter houses. This presents a problem if LSU is truly trying to make the changes they claim they are trying to make. They are moving tailgating from a centralized, public space that would be easier to supervise and police, to individual, spread out residencies that give the ability to hid possible issues and infractions much more easily. It seems like common sense that a centralized area like the Parade Grounds would be a much better option for the University.

            In signing this petition, we are asking F. King Alexander to reconsider these regulations and focus on more realistic and safer alternatives.

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