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Blatant Discrimination Against Blacks

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Blacks are being blatantly discriminated against including me especially the females/only one black male Program Recreational Supervisor on Miami Beach for parks and recreation.

As a Shop Stewart, I recognize the blatant violation of AFSCME Policies and Procedures/overtime wheel is to be visible for employees to see to ensure an equal share of overtime is administered.

Violation of the  HIPAA Law/ Employees medical information was given to an employee by a supervisor pertaining to my condition. 

Part-time employees are given extra work hours in order to deny a black man who has seniority to receive overtime.

Black employees that were working in a certain position and qualified were not called in for an interview.Those positions were not posted on the AFMSCE board. However, I became aware that non-whites who needed further training for those positions were hired.

over the last few years, I and others have filed complaints with EEOC and l have found they have been very unprofessional and nonproductive concerning these matters. At the present, I have an open case with Florida Commission on Human Relations.

This action is being taken not just for those of us who are presently employed with the City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation, but for those we feel that were unjustly terminated, and for those who will come after us.

I am requesting an independent investigation because the in-house investigations have only made working conditions worst.




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