Stop Oil Drilling in the Arctic!

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We all know that oil is an expensive and valuable resource, it creates jobs and produces money, but at what cost? Oil sources are drying up around the world and its estimated that there are roughly 90 billion barrels of untapped oil in the arctic. The arctic is a fragile and serene land home to many animals that can't live anywhere else in the world. With the laws that once prevented oil companies from drilling in the arctic repealed, oil companies are flooding into the arctic. This brings a swarm of dangerous ships and noise pollution to the fragile environment. The drilling puts animals in danger of spills which are near impossible to clean up in the frozen landscape. The mere aspect of drilling up oil leads to oil being burned and further polluting our environment and atmosphere, and along with the worsening of climate change, the warming causes further melting and destruction of the arctic landscape. This needs to change! Animals are dying, but we continue to exhaust are resources. Sign this petition to tell Shell and Exxon are concerns!