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Bulldogs Fans demand Des Hasler be removed; Steve Mortimer to be reinstated with apology!

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Ever since the signing of Des Hasler as head coach for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the players and fans have noticed the major holes in coaching style of Des Hasler. His set plays for years have been flat, uninspiring & have lead to years of underwhelming performances, next-to-nil attacking skills and as of 2017 - two major losses in games where we have failed to place a single point on the board. We understand that we have made 5 finals and 2 grand finals, but we also understand that our losses came from those exact points made above - ironic! Points.... something the club can't produce week after week. Enough is enough - its time to remove the elephant in the room which is the poor decision making of head coach.

We the fans, have been told countless times that there will be change:

“It was very disappointing, we were inconsistent all year - we will have the whole off season to think about it.” - Des Hasler, September 2016 after a 4th straight loss in the finals.

Similar comments were made in March, 2017 but, alas, we are yet to see improvement. The only changes we have seen is the removal of accurate commentary from inside the club (the sacking of Steve Mortimer - a true Bulldog) and the loss of plenty of young talent; that get sidelined or moved to stupid positions on field where they are wasted, eventually picked up by other sides and turned into big players. This has happened year after year, with the same under-performing players kept in the side who are ineffective and not of an NRL standard (front-row forwards who waste tackle count and fall over with short 5m runs, players that make poor plays from dummy half, players that sign big deals while hogging certain duties all while producing sub-par performances - just read the comments section week after week to see the fans all over who these are.)

We the club members and fans are tired of the excuses and false promises. It's time to change for the better. Remove Des Hasler immediately!

I'll finish off with a quote:
“Passion for the game and passion for the Bulldogs is why Steve Mortimer is one of our ‘Hall of Famers’.” Ray Dib - Chairman, Board of Directors, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

If the CEO or the board have any passion left, then do the right thing by the club and by the only man to stand up and call it for what it has been. It's time for Des Hasler to leave our club because:

“It’s about winning premierships. It’s about being up there. It’s about developing your own — even though I came from Wagga — good players. That certainly hasn’t happened over the last five years.” - Steve Mortimer, 2016, on the Bulldogs under the leadership of Des Hasler

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