Raise voice against the change in color of Contai CBG School uniform

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On behalf of the ex-students and well-wishers of Contai Chandramoni Brahma Girls’ School,we are urging to revert the recent color change in the school uniform. The Red-White dress which represented CBG, its students in any sort of events, processions for more than a century is not a mere color. Its significance is far more than that. It unites us, it is a bridge between what we are today and the existence of our school life lying somewhere deep down within us. It is our emotion, our pride. When we noticed that our school dress color is changed, it seems like someone is trying to erase all our school memories, to pull apart all those tender bonding which is saddening, disheartening and frustrating.

We believe -
• The inner correlation and bonding have been developed between CBG and Red-White dress over the 112 years are getting demolished
• This change is completely inappropriate, imbecilic and asinine
• The school will lose her identity while the other schools in Contai will hold theirs with pride & honor
• By bringing change without any solid reason the concerned authorities are setting the example that the heritage we can associate with its existence has no value; it could be molded by the people with power according to their wish

Moreover, we strongly feel that the school dress color was not disrupting the educational process; neither did it interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching-learning environment nor compromised reasonable standards of decency. Then why to bring this change?????

By signing this petition, we would like to protest against this ludicrous incident & demanding to bring back CBG’s originality.