Quit blaming Moncks Corner police chief Ric Ollic -

Quit blaming Moncks Corner police chief Ric Ollic -

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Mia Own started this petition to Everyone who believes the "system" has advanced ! And have faith in our Police Chief!!

Happening in Moncks Corner SC.

People are basing their opinions on a program which has been recorded, edited to the producers perspective and what they saw as good "viewing material for ratings" and are now blasting a good man and police officer and asking for his termination.

A man who has done his job. 

He is supported by  his community and has led our police department with knowledge and ability.        And it is time we show our support and faith in him.


He has also advanced the abilities of our police department for an ever-growing community.

Truth:Unless they state it as an opinion absolutely no one- has the right to say that the investigation was handled improperly.

Opinions are not facts .

Truth:Our  life stories even the most horrendous make  for viewing fodder as it holds only one particular purpose.

Sensationalism -at the expense of accuracy.

Point being : skewed and very journalistic sensationalism is of little value other than ratings to make money for the show producing it.

The "show"was not put out for viewing exactly as recorded. It is a mashup of many questions and statements cut and edited for the shock value to the viewers.

The justice system including the police departments are designed to a specific list of ever-evolving checks and balances.
And this case is absolutely no exception to that rule.

Many are saying the woman& childrens family have been maligned, lied to or about by our police chief.  That is entirely wrong.

Every step and every word has been documented by our law enforcement community at the time this occurred. And the evidence found and given at that time is exactly what was followed and what conclusions were drawn from.

If you or anyone wants to change this-


Where are the people who were close to this young woman-the ones she talked to and confided in before this horrible day?  Who knew more of her than just the amazing giving woman and momma she was...

Someone knows/knew much more than they were willing to speak of.

Stop laying blame on a good man and excellent police officer who led the investigation to the best of the available resources and abilities of the office and officers and investigators working with him.

And did so in manner utilizing all of  the available resources and evidence at that time.

Support the man WE.                  (meaning the committee &board members )chose from many applicants  and hired to put  into this office as our Police Chief!

Should a case unsolved be re-opened?

Most definitely if there is evidence old or new which can help solve it!

But : DO THE RIGHT THING!!     And support the man we put into office!

If you don't like him-vote for someone else next time who may be elected to be on the hiring committee.

Perhaps they will choose the most qualified  out of many applicants as they did in this case. 

This is one case in probably hundreds or thousands investigated during Chief  Ollics'  very long career.  

Do the right thing and support Moncks Corner Police Chief.       Ric Ollic!!


Yes- this petition has been edited for accuracy.  My sincerest apologies to anyone who did not/does not  understand the point of this petition.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!