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I’ve been aware about the Yulin festival for a few years now. I signed a petition on here to be against it in 2014. That petition was seen by millions but still the festival went on. For almost 10 years this dog eating festival has resulted in the brutal death of dogs, in processes that involve beating street dogs (to death), keeping mass numbers in small cages before BOILING / SETTING FIRE whilst ALIVE. I am aware that by highlighting this festival you may be confused as to why I am not arguing for all animals. I am mainly arguin about the way that the dogs are killed, as corporate animals that are used for food globally are mainly quickly killed in mass numbers which although significantly bad is still better then how these poor dogs are sent off. There are tortured. They are This all sprouted from a misguided belief that tortured dog meat tastes ‘better’. Not only this, but dogs will even be stolen from families if/when roaming the streets. The voice of society has been pleading for Yulin to come to an end, but the greed and joy it brings to those who celebrate annually out shadow our complaints. There is no excuse to say that anyone is unaware on how the dogs are being treated; the media has been exploiting this for years. Why hasn’t this monstrosity been put to an end. Why are more countless lives of dogs being taken from this world? This festival must be brought to an end. Please.