Stop Plastic Pollution

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Over the past decade plastic has become more and more of a problem, yet we cannot seem to grasp the dangers that it holds to future life and to the next generation. Plastic has become a very real trouble to many varieties of marine life including fish, Sea mammals, Sea Birds and the tiny micro-organisms called plankton that many larger animals feed on. Plastic in the ocean has turned the ocean into a "Toxic soup" with hundreds of different food chains and ecosystems being affected by it for example zooplankton ingest Micro-plastics and micro beads, these plankton are eventually eaten by whales which end up being filled with tonnes of harmful waste, these plankton are also eaten by small fish which are then eaten by bigger fish and sea birds. This has a huge impact on the bio diversity of marine life in our oceans and these fish which have eaten plastic will be eaten by us in the end and will also make us ill. 

Marine mammals are largely affected by soft plastics for example plastic bags you may buy from your local convenience store. Logger Head Sea Turtles will eat these bags thinking that they are jelly fish, when in fact they aren't. This constant assumption will lead to the starvation and death of the turtle as its stomach will tell the turtle that its full when its not. Plastic rings which are commonly used on multi packs of bevarage cans can get wrapped around the side of turtles and will actually   squeeze the shell smaller until it leads to death. An example can be seen here -

As for sea lions it does not get much better, these plastics and especially plastic packing bands can get stuck around their necks which can lead to infection and eventual death. 

These are but a few examples shown on how badly plastic is impacting on our ecosystem and marine life, only you can stop this horrible atrocity.

Here is what you can do:

1. Recycle all the plastic you can

2. Try to avoid using plastic bottles as much as possible as these are the biggest culprits of pollution 

3. Donate to charities attempting to stop plastic pollution as a whole. 

4. Boycott the use of Micro- Bead

5. Stop using disposable plastics

Together as one we can save the world

The future is yours to decide.