Stop McDonald's Cruelty Towards Chickens

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One of the first places that comes into many people's minds when thinking about fast food restaurants is McDonald's. McDonald's is a billion dollar franchise that is widely known across the world, yet there is something that many people do not know about the company—particularly about where their chicken products come from. 

McDonald's purchases chickens from suppliers that abuse them. 

On the factory farms that supply McDonald's their chicken, the poor animals are raised in extremely unimaginable and unethical conditions. Chickens are bred to grow unnaturally large in a short span of time, which can cause them to collapse under their own weight, have heart attacks, break their legs, and live in constant pain and suffering.

Terrifyingly, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Arkansas, if a human baby grew this way then they would weigh approximately 660 pounds in two months.

The living conditions of chickens aren't much better either; they are crowded in dark, filthy warehouses where they cannot engage in natural behaviors. These living conditions can cause chickens to become incredibly depressed and stressed, and many of them spend their entire lives in agony.

Such a large company should take action and advocate against animal abuse, not partake in it! 

Other fast food companies such as Burger King, Subway, and Jack in the Box have started to change their animal welfare policies by pledging to use healthier breeds of chickens and giving them better living conditions, yet McDonald's continues to avoid these issues instead of working towards solving them. 

By signing this petition, we can show McDonald's that we won't stand for these cruelties any longer. McDonald's should follow the lead of its competitors instead of lagging behind, and should finally bring change to a practice that has brought tremendous pain and suffering to chickens for years.