Save Trigger

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Save Trigger.

Trigger is the most loving dog anybody would come across, i've known him 7 years and had him 5 years, due to a change in my circumstances, I decided it would be in Triggers best interest to stay with a family member for a few weeks, in those few weeks he had an incident with another dog that came from the corner on an extendable lead, Trig was on a short chain lead with a harness on and caused 'injuries' to the dog, the police was called to the incident, Trigger was surrounded by people he didn't know,their was people shouting and screaming he showed no aggression to any person, he was put into a van by total strangers(and he never goes into cars usually) he showed no aggression,he has been in the police kennels since November 2018. I have spoke to the dog warden on several occasions and everytime he has said he is no trouble, and he used the exact word 'content'. 17th April 2019 we went to court, they have decided he is a danger 'out of control' ,and needs 'destroying'. I am begging every single person to help me get my boy home, he was here when i brought my baby home for the very first time, i've had health visitors, i've had midwifes, at no point as there been a report regarding Trigger. Please sign and help me get my baby home, i agree he should be muzzled, but don't put him down, he ain't a dog, he is family.