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Save The Environment: Use Proper Waste Disposal

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Many people consider trash as.. just trash. They may say, "at least I throw my garbage in the trash bin", but it is still not proper. More than 75 percent of the garbage end up at the roads, in landfills and everywhere and the rest are recycled. Improper waste disposal is a threat to our environment, to nature.

These wastes contaminates the water, the soil, the air and eveywhere else. When plastics, glass, metals are disposed improperly, these can release chemicals that cause health issues. These can also contaminate the soil and are threats to animals & plants. The same goes in marine life. Everything, living or not are affected. The wastes do not only contaminate the water but also destroy and suffocate the homes of all living creatures underwater and endanger them. It also affect us, humans upon our consumptions. Many wastes are also accidentally consumed by animals leading to death.

The very first step to save and clean our home, the nature, today is through proper waste disposal. Knowing it is good but acting for it is the best.

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