Save Queen Anne High School Business Department!!!

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Due to budget cuts from Fife Council. The rector at Queen Anne is choosing to drop Business Education as a subject meaning pupils will be losing out on qualifications such as Business Management, Administration & IT, Financial Services and Travel and Tourism. Queen Anne is one of the only schools in Scotland that can offer Financial Services to pupils. Many students within Queen Anne have passed with excellent results. students who get a National 5 qualification this year will not be able to go on to get higher causing problems in the future for students. Many people are not happy with this decision and pupils have tried to arrange a meeting with the rector but she has denied her pupils a meeting. A councillor has also tried to get in contact with her but has received no reply. Technology is the future and the Business Department is needed. To try and keep the department we need as many people as possible to get this point across as she will not listen to her pupils voices.