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Reverse the decision to allow girls into Boy Scouts

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Boy Scouts of America has for over 100 years changed the lives of countless people and raised millions of boys into men through camping, developing leadership, and providing unique ways of looking at life. Roughly 4% of all scouts who join ever obtain the rank of Eagle because it takes years of hard work, dedication, leadership, and hardship. 

Letting girls into the Boy Scout program will greatly diminish the value of the Eagle Scout. Boys learn differently than girls. Boys are rough and dirty and gross. That's how they learn to grow into men. Allowing girls to join the Boy Scout program will essentially diminish/remove the unique ways boys learn to become men. 

Besides, girls are already allowed into the Boy Scout program through Venture Scouts and Sea Scouts. If girls want to achieve a rank like Eagle, they can earn their Gold Award through Girl Scouts. If the Eagle is "so much better" than the Gold Award, why don't we focus all this energy to raising the value of the Gold Award rather than taking away from the millions of boys in Boy Scouts and the millions to come?

Let's turn Boy Scouts into what it's meant to be: BOY Scouts!

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