Protect frontline NHS staff from coronavirus with effective masks & gowns

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We, as frontline nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants,  nurse associates, physiotherapists, radiographers and all allied healthcare professionals have to be fit & well to have a viable health service to care for existing patients & pandemic victims.

By treating this virus like seasonal flu & only providing standard PPE (personal protective equipment) for staff is going to put a huge number of us out of action when we are most needed.

To treat it as we do seasonal flu is inadequate. We are actively encouraged to have an annual flu vaccination, which huge numbers of us do, still those staff who choose not to have a vaccination results in sickness/ absence which then leads to short staffed wards & clinical areas - WITHOUT a pandemic.

There is no vaccine for coronavirus, thus we are at huge risk of illness & a seriously depleted workforce.

The correct PPE as recommended by the World Health Organisation was downgraded for NHS workers, why? We are at risk.

Nurses are being called upon to come out of retirement & help staff the already massively understaffed NHS, are we really going to expect potentially elderly nurses to put themselves at risk without effective PPE?