Let's Bring Back Lif, The Animal Game!

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For those people who played animal games when they were younger, you may remember stumbling across a site known as "Gamevial.com." They provided a variation of games, not all relating to animals, but their most popular animal series aside from "Fly Like A Bird 2" was the "Lif" game series. I

t wasn't the most popular of games, but it certainly had a following.Eventually, after realizing the community they had built, they decided to migrate to Steam and have people pay to play in order to afford the upkeep for the servers.

Once they migrated to Steam, I personally stopped following the series, but when locating the page on the Steam site itself, I came across this message.


"We're shutting shop. Lif is no longer available :("

Hi folks,

This has been a bad year for us. The web player came to an agonisingly slow halt, and traction for these games on steam failed to meet the gap. We've now hit the uncomfortable moment where just keeping things running on the server costs more than we get (actually, we've been there a while).

Rather than just shut down when the final penny is gone, we have decided to pull out now, while we can still keep the servers up for a while, and not let folks down. This means that everyone who has bought a license gets another few months before our server stops.

I cannot describe how hard we tried to make this work both before and after publishing. We had to wrestle with angry fans who wanted to keep it free. We had to wrestle with folks that either didn't get or didn't like it, and we had to do all this with a budget that inhibited any of the things we secretly wished to build in, like a switch over to a better engine or an overhaul of the AI.

So, in short, we're no longer selling Lif, we intend on maintaining the servers as long as possible, so for those who've bought it, it'll still run, and of course single player will be unaffected.

Thanks to those that believed, Gamevial.


I don't know about you all, but this was a saddening moment. I know that it is just a game, but it was very nostalgic and a large part of my childhood. I'd love to see this game return.

By starting this petition, perhaps we can show our support and willingness to still play, and even pay for the game if needed to keep the servers running. If interested, please be sure to sign so that we may get our voice of reasoning across.


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