Get Justice for Corey La Barrie

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Corey La barrie was an influencer, a inspiration, a role model to many. Corey was always known as a ray of light. He has, and still is, impacted so many lives across the world. He was an amazing, selfless person who would do anything to help others. He had so much love and care for everyone around him. He was the definition of a beautiful soul. 

On May 10th, 2020, his 25th birthday, he was tragically taken from the world in a car accident that could have, and should have, been avoided. The driver, Daniel Silva, was seen at Corey’s 25th birthday drinking, when he then decided to make the decision to get behind the wheel, with Corey in the passenger seat, where they ended up crashing into a tree: Instead of trying to help his friend, Daniel attempted to leave the scene of the crash.

Corey’s friends had to witness something that night that nobody should ever have to witness. His family lost a son, a brother. His friends lost a best friend. His fans lost a role model. The world lost a beautiful soul. Daniel received a very light sentence, with not even a year in jail. Corey deserves justice, and a year is no where near that. A year is nothing for the 25 he took away. Justice for Corey La Barrie.