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Improve animal welfare at 4 kingdoms!!!

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I recently went to 4 kingdoms, out Newbury way and their standards of animal welfare was appalling.

The animals had
•no water and if anyone did it was muddy
•no food
•no fresh bedding
•ponies, goats and pigs constantly had to walk on hard ground!
•very young calfs stood in mud all day and had were starting to go bow legged
•wire was sticking out of the fence in the cow paddock
•the ground had not been left to rest so the cows had no fresh grass
•everyone did not have enough housing for the amount of animals they pushed into a small place
•I had never seen so many rabbits, so desperate for water when MYSELF went to fill it up! They were biting and attacking each other in order to get to the water
•Young male and female rabbits were put together- lead to incest and deformed young
•only one keeper to look after all animals
•keeper was not very knowledgeable and was more keen for us to hold the rabbits, then to give them water!
•Cows and rabbits (only two I could get close enough too) had skin conditions- very flaky skin!
•Rabbits digging at the ground and biting bars- extreme signs of boredom

This place is trying to get a zoo licence what means they will have the right to keeper larger and more complicated animals! If they can not keep small animals, then they are going to destroy the larger animals

Please please please help me! I am one person and trying to give a voice to the voiceless and it breaks my heart to leave those animals there!

People are caring more about 'how good the children playarea is' than the actual welfare of the animals! Please change that!!!

If there is anything you can do, and I am sure there is, please do it! These animals need our help and that place is not suitable to look after animals.

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