Bull-fighting no more - stop bull-fights in Spain once and for all !!!

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Just the other day I was watching Ferdinand (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I mean) and I asked my Dad if this actually still happens. I was then both baffled and disgusted to find out it was still legal in some areas Spain and knew it wasn’t something I could just let pass. I understand it is part of the country’s culture but that doesn’t mean it’s right. How could anyone sit there and watch a helpless animal suffer and then call it ‘entertainment’. It’s not entertainment, it’s just pure evil. Bulls may not be the most amazing animals in the world but there still Earth’s creatures and we need to protect them just like we’d protect each other. So please join the petition. We need to put a stop to this now! If you know anyone who lives in Spain get them to start a petition too. The more petitions the better. The more petitions the more signatures and the more signatures the more chance we have of stopping bull-fighting once and for all. Remember - EVERY SIGNATURE COUNTS!!!

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