Bring our Roo home

Bring our Roo home

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Danielle Le started this petition to Everyone

I came across a video of an Australian Kangaroo touring with Commerford Petting Zoo, Conneticut, USA. The roo is in a small confined space and really should be with other kangaroos in its natural environment. I doubt it would be able to survive in the bush/wild now, so hopefully we can get it to a wildlife park or sanctuary in Australia.

Let's bring our roo home.

Can we gather enough community support and companies willing to help?

I started this in the hopes to get the roo out of this environment, hopefully back to Aus (a long shot - I know). In the least, hopefully a sanctuary in America where there are other roos (if there is one that exists). If anyone has any further information about how this can proceed (legally), please comment in the relevant field below. I have contacted two places in Aus to hopefully receive some assistance. 

Together, we can all make a change. 

Footage of kangaroo in tiny enclosure #9News

Video of roo also on Instagram #savetherooCT (from person who took the footage)  


**Edit. I was contacted to please add this extra information (below) about the roo, location and dates.

"This was taken at the XL Center in Hartford , CT on 3.31.19 . The venue hosted Commerford’s (from Goshen, CT) Petting Zoo and this roo is one of their many exotic animals .

.. A USDA complaint has been filed, PETA has been contacted for this and many other animals there, and also local government representatives etc"

15,086 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!