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A message to Cuomo

Jeffrey Dorenzo
Buffalo, NY, United States

Jan 6, 2021 — 

Terry and Kim Pegula are the owner of the Buffalo Bills, I get it. It was THEIR choice to invite you to attend our 1st home playoff game in over 25 years. And as owners, they have that right.

But Buffalo is a football city. We have the best fan base out there. We've gotten our hopes up time and time again, just to be let down over and over again. Yet! We still remain loyal to our team!

Our fan base is SO SPECTACULAR that we donated over $415,000 to the Andy and Jordan Dalton foundation, simply for winning a meaningless game that ended our 17 year playoff drought. THAT, all in itself, shows how much love we have for our team ❤ It shows what Buffalo football means to our fans.

Also, look at what Bills fans have done for Oishei Children's Hospital and the Patricia Allen Foundation ❤

Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, you're not even a Bills fan. You've said that the Buffalo Bills aren't the only New York team. You think the Jets and Giants are actually New York teams. But, fact is, the Bills are the ONLY New York team. Not only are they a New York team, they are Buffalo's team!!! And right now, the people of Buffalo are not big fans of you.

Lawsuits are popping up left and right because the people have had enough of your crippling effect. Peoples livelihoods are being destroyed. Everything they've worked for being taken from them. People tapping into their 401k's, annuities, investments, retirements, and savings to make ends meet.

But you know who isn't struggling? Andrew Cuomo! No, you're still getting pay raises. And just out of curiosity, did you donate to the Andy Dalton foundation? Did you donate to the Patricia Allen Foundation? If the answer is NO, then you have no place sitting in that stadium come this Saturday. You know who does belong their? True Bills fans! True Billievers! The people who show up at Airports and bus terminals to welcome our team home to show support and love, even when they lose.

As for what I hope to see happen as a result of this petition. I can only speak for myself, and there's a lot of things I'd like to see happen. Most importantly, I want you to see what football truly means to the people of Buffalo and I want you to allow more than a measley 6,700 fans to sit in those stands. Its an OUTDOOR venue, people are aware of the risks, and we should be allowed to choose for ourselves if the risk is worth the reward. Nothing shy of 25% capacity is acceptable. 50% would be nice, but 100% will earn you the approval to join us!

But this isnt about me, this is about ALL Bills fans. Bills Mafia. Bills Nation. And the people of Buffalo. So read through their comments. Hear their voices. And start listening to what we're saying. After all, you're the governor of New York STATE, not just New York City. So start acting like you actually give a shit about us 

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