Protect Women And Child from Abuse

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Every now and then we see a news article of women rape case and child abuse. Though human, they are no less than monsters who commit sins like such. Why aren't women and children safe in their own country? Aren't you concern about the number of such people increasing in every part of the country, increasing the crime rate. Aren't you concern about how shall we stop such people? Our government though democratic, haven't made a single harsh law against such sinisters. Leading to increasing crime rates. Though guilty being caught by the government, no deserved punishment is given to them. Help women get their self respect and confidence back. Help them stand up. Support the victims. Don't just look and ignore. Do what is right. Do what needs to be done.

With this article let's fight back. Fight for rights. Fight for justice. Fight for safety. Fight for women. Be human. Show humanity.