"I'll vote for Jill if you will” pledge campaign to elect Jill Stein president.

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"I'll vote for Jill if you will” pledge campaign to elect Jill Stein president.

This petition had 4,170 supporters

John Rachel started this petition to Every person registered to vote in the United States of America.

Vast numbers of voters are frustrated and angry! It’s come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump? These are the two most unpopular candidates in the history of presidential elections.

Of course, there is an excellent alternative. But understandably voters are afraid of “throwing their vote away”.

Here’s the solution: We join together in a person-to-person pledge campaign, the “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” initiative, supporting the presidential bid of Dr. Jill Stein. Together we’ll elect the first female President of the United States, one who will do a great job of putting America back on track. Here’s how . . .

Step 1: When you take the “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” personal pledge alone or with a friend, neighbor, relative, you let us know by officially signing the pledge at this site.

Step 2: You find two other people who you respect and trust, let them know about Jill Stein if they don’t already, get them to take the “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” pledge, and make sure they let us know by coming here to sign the pledge.

Step 3: They likewise will each find two others to take the pledge and come here to add to the growing list of pledge takers.

Step 4: When and only when we reach our target of 50 million pledges, we will vote for Jill Stein. Why 50 million? Because 50 million voters will guarantee a victory by plurality for Jill Stein, thus we will all know with absolute certainty we’re not throwing our votes away, that indeed our votes will go toward electing a great president!

50 million may seem like an impossible goal. But it’s all in the math. If one person tells two about this tomorrow, then the following day those two each tell two more, and so on and so on, how many days does it take to get to 50 million?

The answer might surprise you. 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 … believe it or not, in ONLY 27 DAYS we will have 67,108,864 pledges! (Go to http://50-million-signatures.us/50-million/do-the-math/)

It’s the power of numbers!

It’s the power of people!

It’s the power of joining together and saying NO MORE LESSER EVIL VOTING!

Remember, there’s nothing at risk here. We honor the “I’ll vote for Jill if you will” pledge when we get to our goal.

On the other hand, there’s a lot at stake . . . a better America for ourselves and our children!

It’s up to you.

Take the pledge. Let us know. Then have two others take the pledge. Make sure they let us know too.

Sorry, Hillary and Donald. The people will have spoken.

We intend to celebrate Dr. Jill Stein as the 45th President of the United States!

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This petition had 4,170 supporters