Let Our Children Stay at Mill Creek Elementary

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On April 11, 2018, the Elementary Boundary Committee of Everett Public Schools submitted a final recommendation for changes to elementary school boundaries in the Everett and Mill Creek areas.  The recommendation will require approximately 1,350 students from seven elementary schools to change schools in 2019.

If the committee’s recommendation is approved by the superintendent and the Board of Directors, our children currently attending Mill Creek Elementary will be required to change their school to Penny Creek Elementary next fall.  This potential change is unnecessary and meritless, and we believe that it will create an unsafe environment for the young students affected.

We, the parents of the children at the Northpointe neighborhood, stand firmly opposed to moving our children to Penny Creek Elementary for the following reasons:

  • Lack of Input from Community Members: A late change was made to the final recommendation without input from community members in Area 4. This change had not been identified as an affected area at the public hearings held on February 26 & 28, 2018.  The parents in this area did not get to provide input for the change, which negatively impacts the affected students.
  • Lack of Care for Young Students: The committee’s final recommendation notes that one of the objectives for boundary changes is to balance the free and reduced lunch student percentages in the nine south end elementary schools. The shuffling of children from one school to another shows greater concern for meeting numbers than it does for “inspiring, educating and preparing each student to achieve to high standards”.  
  • Lack of Concern for Student Safety and Walkability to/from School: Students moving from Mill Creek to Penny Creek Elementary would have to navigate crossing Highway 96 (speed limit 45 mph), and a major signalized intersection, in order to walk to and from school. Even if a school bus was provided for transportation, the unsuitable walking path could potentially prohibit the 152 students from participating in any before or after school programs offered to other Penny Creek students. According to the meeting minutes, a suitable and safe walking path for children of Northpointe was never shown as a consideration by the committee; however, the January 10, 2018 meeting minutes note that this was in fact considered by the committee in regards to Woodside Elementary students. Additionally, the final recommendation by the committee shows that they favor keeping older neighborhoods in Mill Creek with lack of regard to sustaining a walkable route to and from school.

Please let our children stay at Mill Creek Elementary.