Captions Read Loud & Clear! Help bring them to movie screens.

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As a young hard of hearing person, who has grown up watching every televsion show, news reel and film with subtitles, going to the movies has always been a struggle for me. Whilst many cinemas have improved by offering more services for the visually, Hearing and sensory impaired, there is still not enough being done. We are an ageing population and more and more people are suffering from hearing loss and are using subtitles at home. Even if you don’t use them, subtitles are helpful for when some parts of the dialogue are indiscernible, even for those without hearing issues. 

My goal is to get Event Cinemas (a company that is  Australia wide) to start showing some movie sessions with captions on the big screen! 

In 2019, the following is available to hard of hearing people who go to Event Cinemas: 

- a small screen attached to an arm, which you can place in your cup holder and read the captions off 

-  an infrared  loop system that allows infrared transmitters mounted in the cinema that carry the sound to a receiver that you wear 

- Hearing Aid loop system which is basically wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to the film

Bearing in mind that these options are NOT all available at every cinema and are often an issue to achieve!  A small screen to read off is exhausting and disrupts our viewing pleasure, and the other options allow us to hear loudly but not clearly. 

Captions read loud and clear. Please sign :) 

Very Sincerely, 

Bianca Bird,

20 years