Implement the Construction of Wildlife Crossings within IN

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This petition requests that adequate attention is focused on creating wildlife crossings within Vanderburgh Co. in areas where animal-vehicle collisions are common in order to create safer traveling for drivers and wildlife residing around us. Wildlife crossings appear in many forms, including underpass tunnels, overpasses (bridges), viaducts, amphibian tunnels, fish ladders, canopy bridges (for animals such as squirrels), tunnels, culverts (for small mammals), and lastly but not limited to green roofs (for butterflies and birds).¹The goal of wildlife crossings is to assist animals in crossing roads safely, which can reduce vehicle-animal collisions by limiting the number of animals which cross on the road. As reported by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, vehicle-animal collisions accounted for almost 1,300 reported accidents in Indiana in the year 2016, amongst numerous others that may have been uncounted.² Vehicle-animal collisions cost Indiana drivers money for repairing their vehicles, medical care if injuries occur, and most importantly, threaten both human and animal lives. The construction of wildlife crossings prevents animals from crossing roads, thus making driving safer for both human animals and non-human animals. After creating wildlife crossings on specific stretches of road in Nevada, the Nevada Department of Transportation saw that 95% of animals crossing roadways were accomplished without the animals ever being on the road.³ By constructing wildlife crossings in Vanderburgh Co., roads can become safer for drivers and numerous wildlife species. Also, the effort could help encourage other cities in Indiana to make progress on this issue, making the roads safer for more Indiana drivers. Wildlife crossings need to be constructed because they can save countless lives of both animals and humans, connect fragmented habitats, prevent endangered species from going extinct, save money on vehicular damages, and advance science. 

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