Reverse Snapchat Update

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Snapchat is one they most premier ways to communicate and socialize in today's modern age. With its millions of users daily, it allows us to keep in touch with news, celebrities, and most importantly friends; both near and far. To have a truly integrated society, Snapchat makes this easily possibly; however, recently an obstacle has come about bringing a large amount of backlash and general dislike amongst the community. It is called The Update. With this new update created by Snap Inc. for this new year, comes a lot of confusion and unnecessary features. Firstly, we have a new design that in all honesty is distasteful. This design brings in way too many features that are generally unnecessary and make hard for a millennial such as myself. Social media is meant to be fun and easy allowing everyone to connect with the world, but now we even have  avid users becoming angry and confused with the new update. Secondly,  we see a fan favorite feature under attack, it is the story section. Stories can people allow your friends to see what you up to and can spark social interaction off the simplest posts. Now we have a confusing way to view other users stories. Not only is there the mass confusion, but the new system based off of who you interact with most allows to see their stories primarily. What about your other friends? Will they just become forgotten? Probably not, but that feeling of missing somebody's story for a couple hours is not going to sit well. Thirdly, why fix something that isn't broke? Now no offense to Snap Inc. we totally get it, the world is changing everyday and technology is evolving at even faster rate. Companies have to take bold moves to increase profit and users. Sometimes they succeed, and well, as you can see, sometimes they fail. Yet Snapchat had been thriving just as it was and an update as big as this not necessary. We the people of Snapchat did not ask for this but it had been forcefully given to us. Yet there is a solution. I'm pretty sure Snapchat is already very aware of the displeasure from the community whether it be  from online articles or the trendiness on Twitter. The bigger picture is that this can allow us, the users, a bigger role in how to further progress our beloved app. In all honesty, Snapchat will most likely not reverse the update but this can be a step to preventing this from happening again. We can call upon Snap Inc. for a few changes in the near future. One of the easiest ways to help in the future is simply widening the betas for users. If done properly beforehand, I'm sure this public out-lash could have been all preventable. Another way to ease the pain is having incremental updates instead of one giant slap to the face. This can allow users to become familiar with application and not receive so many complaints all at once. Both of these solutions are easy ways for Snap Inc. to see what users want  and don't want in future for Snapchat. Whether we win this win or lose this battle for reversing the Snapchat update, we are showing care and dedication to create an app this is best for all of us.

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