Take measures now against online harassment of women in social media

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If you're lucky, they just insult you. But most likely they will threaten to rape you, to go after you or your family, or to kill you. This is what women experiment on social networks every day, to the point that many women now think twice before expressing an opinion on social media. And faced with this harassment, what do companies like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram do?

Little or nothing. Faced with our complaints or requests for help we receive automatic messages that serve little, and that end with an automatic, summary resolution, discretionary and without possible appeal.

We are tired of being insulted, threatened, harassed. That is why I ask you to sign this petition and ask the European Parliament to intervene now and oblige these companies to protect their female users.

Specifically, we ask the European Parliament to create a working group to develop a compliance framework for these companies, which imposes the necessary measures to force them to protect girls and women and girls against harassment in their networks.

Enough is enough. Only together we can stop this. Sign and share this petition and help us end the harassment of women on social networks.

From the Comunicación y Género Agency, which I manage, we have also presented a formal request to the European Parliament, which has been registered with the number 0777/2018 and which you can find here.

With your signature you are helping us be heard! Thank you.