Stop the cruelty on Galgos and Bulls in Spain!

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Spain is a member state of the EU.In the EU there are laws for the protection of animals.This for example includes: no animal may be tormented. No animal may be abused and killed for fun and entertainment, as it usually is the case with regard to bullfighting. No animal can be killed without any comprehensible reason. In the EU it is forbidden to torture animals. There are abuses everywhere, that is aware of all of us and these abuses are repeatedly revealed and punishable by punishments. Spain does not stick to it as a member of the EU, they engage in animal cruelty in public. And nobody does anything about it. Politicians are watching and doing nothing ... It is pathetic! Every year starting in February, thousands of Galgos are cruelly killed if they have served in the hunt. These animals are not treated better than the animals in China (for information, China has no animal welfare laws, Spain as a member of the EU definitely .Nevertheless, Spain treats the dogs and bulls like the Chinese treat their animals in their country) So I urge you and all those signing here to abide by EU animal welfare laws. Consequently, it involves protecting the Galgos, punishing the owners of the dogs, tormenting or killing the animals. The same applies to bullfighting in some provinces in Spain. I also call for everyone signing here to finally take the EU politicians to action. For the good of the animals. Enough is enough!!!

Sincerely Sabine Scheps from Germany