Speak out against single-use lifestyle that companies are selling to us!

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Ever since George Clooney sold his face for $40 Million to advertise for Nestlé Nespresso, coffee capsules have been the newest trendy invention of our thoughtless consuming society.

Sales keep rising -  by now, more than 20 billion capsules are produced every year, enough to circle the earth more than 14 times! And the majority of this packaging waste is not recycled.

The coffee capsule is symbolic for our wasteful single use lifestlyle. It shows, how easily large amounts of packaging waste could be prevented by choosing sustainability over convenience.

At the same time, it is part of the whole single-use beverage sector which is responsible for a great part of the waste that ends up in our beautiful oceans and litters our beaches.

We, the Clean Ocean Project, became aware of the problem in 2000 and started to clean up the beaches of our beautiful home, Fuerteventura.

By today, we have realized that  an issue with such large dimensions cannot be encountered by cleaning up its results only.

With bottles, many european countries have already taken action and started deposit systems to assure that valuable resources can be collected and recycled instead of being burned or piling up on landfills. But we need more targeted action to respond to the massive waste problems that will continue to impact us and future generations.

This petition aims at making the European Parliament and all consumers realize that when it comes to environmental protection, the little things DO count!

Introducing a deposit system on coffee capsules would force the big companies enjoying sales from the coffee capsules to overthink their materials, production manners and the necessity of putting tiny amounts of coffee into a package for nicer design.

Therefore, we need YOUR signature to show the European Parliament that you can see behind George Clooney’s and Nespresso’s shiny facade and that you support a deposit system making sure that aluminium and plastic from single use coffee capsules can be recycled and reused in a proper way.

In its strategy for Plastics in a circular economy, the European Commission has already stated that targeted action is needed and suggests legislation implementing extended producer responsibility, for example by deposit systems.

Now, it is on the European Parliament to show that it is taking these suggestions and our demands for a cleaner Europe seriously.

Sign now against single use and end the coffee capsule absurdity.