Cease EU funding of War Criminal President Bashir of Sudan and his Rapid Support Forces.

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President Bashir of Sudan is the subject of two international arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court for five counts of crimes against humanity; two counts of war crimes and three counts of genocide. Despite the fact that he took power via military coup and has repressed democracy in Sudan for 29 years as well as committing the above crimes in Darfur (among a myriad of other crimes and severe violations of human rights), the EU, since 2015 has invested more than U.S$ 200 million in Bashir and his 'Rapid Support Forces' on the understanding that they prevent migrants and refugees from crossing Sudan and heading north towards Europe. The Rapid Support Forces now receiving EU funding are the same militia commonly known as the 'Janjaweed' - the militia responsible for a campaign of murder, torture, rape and forced displacement in Darfur.

Seeking asylum in a safe country is a right protected under international law and the deliberate prevention of African refugees from reaching European shores is an abhorrent violation of this right. Migration is also not a crime.

Throughout late December, the people of Sudan have been demonstrating against the unelected government of Sudan, headed by President Bashir. The EU's funding of this government is an act of direct repression of the human rights of the Sudanese People, as Sudanese citizens are reporting that the Rapid Support Forces funded by the EU are the same militia being deployed by Bashir to violently suppress peaceful protesters and oppress the Sudanese people. We demand that that the EU cease funding President Bashir and his Rapid Support Forces and instead invest in the Sudanese people, supporting them in obtaining their human rights as enshrined in international law.