Address the Cookie Law to a handful of Browsers rather than to billions of Websites


Address the Cookie Law to a handful of Browsers rather than to billions of Websites

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Duccio Armenise ha lanciato questa petizione e l'ha diretta a European Parliament


This new law known as the “eu cookie law” forces all websites that use cookies to adhere to a series of requirements and, pointlessly, complicates what was once an easy process.

I do not doubt that the aim of the law (protecting the privacy of internet users) is extremely important. The problem is that the proposed solution is an absurd bureaucratic nightmare that will only make the current situation, and consequently the internet, which is the patrimony of humanity, worse.

In particular, this law is:

  1. …an obstacle for the freedom of expression.
    One of the aspects that I loved most about the internet was the fact that anybody could easily create their own amateur site and could include a myriad of external services (videos, maps, comment management, social media sharing buttons, access analysis etc.). Today, that same person is required to possess a more advanced understanding of programming and even of legal issues, or, in any case, is required to waste more time and money, to the detriment of their freedom of expression.
    (The sanctions start at six-thousand euros).

  2. …counter-productive!
    It, effectively, teaches those who surf the web to pay even less attention to their own privacy! How could anybody believe that displaying an information banner to users on every site they browse for the first time, which refers them to an extended, detailed policy and is several pages long, will accustom these users to carefully reading and evaluating all the implications?

    What will happen is that we will all get used to it and, more and more often, we will end up clicking ‘accept’ automatically, without even thinking about it.

  3. …the wrong answer to the right question.
    Given that cookies are simply brief pieces of information that the site asks to install on a browser, instead of forcing billions of websites to adhere to a whole series of requirements, it would be enough to apply them to a handful of browser manufacturers.

These could easily include a clearly-visible button that refers to one cookie policy, and the instructions on how to:

  1. choose the type of accepted cookies (also distinguishing between technical cookies and profiling cookies);
  2. set the maximum duration;
  3. manage the currently installed cookies (with the possibility of deleting them all or just the undesired ones).

Note that all of these options already exist in all of the most common browsers! They’re just a bit hidden.

This alternative would promote greater awareness and security, operating, in a simple way, on an instrument that we should all know better given that it is becoming more and more important in our lives: the browser.

For these reasons, I ask the European parliament to improve the cookie law by applying it to browsers rather than to websites.


Questa petizione aveva 1.904 sostenitori