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Free Nour Al-sameh! 

Nour Al-Sameh is 29 years old ٍSyrian who is unjustly imprisoned in Greece for 4 years now because he flee to Europe for refuge. Just like the Captain of the Sea-Watch Carola Rackete, he acted to save the lives of people on a boat in the Aegean Sea who would otherwise have drowned in the water.

Nour studied Business Management in Syria, he fled his country due to persecution and war that burst in. He stayed in Turkey in an unbearable situation without shelter or job until he managed to leave Turkey, in July 29th 2015. The only possibility for him to seek refuge in Europe was crossing the Aegean Sea in small sailing boat. He was the only person on the boat who could speak English, when the boat was about to sink he called for help using the walky-talky on the boat.  

People on the boat were taken by The Greek coast guards accompanied by military forces (according to Nour,this forces were in military uniform, and he thinks that they were speaking in German)
The boat was taken to the harbor of Perya Island in Greece, he was handed to the Greek coast guards. Being blindfolded and handcuffed, Nour was beaten, insulted and humiliated by the Greek police.

He was accused with Human Trafficking and sentenced for 315 years and a fine of 3150000 Euros in June 2016. Similar cases have shown that the court counts prison year by the number of people on the boat. With the support of his friends he managed to get a lawyer and appeal against this decision in November 2017, the judge of  Perya court dismissed the appeal. In another attempt for justice Nour's lawyer brought the case to the highest court in Greece, the Supreme Court, to win the opportunity for an appeal and to explain his story properly. Since the hearing in the Supreme Court in February 2019 Nour is waiting for an answer on his claim. 

Nour's case is not an exception. Many refugees have been criminalized, arrested and are currently detained in Greek prisons simply because they were fleeing. The Legal Center Lesvos has documented

"The individuals charged are denied the basic rights to a fair trial, guaranteed under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights, as they are routinely denied adequate interpretation, are denied a fair hearing, and convictions are based on the sole fact that the individual was driving the boats attempting to reach Europe from Turkey" In Nour's case it was simply making a call to ask for help. The Christian Peacemaker Team also documented a trial against refugees concluding 

"No one in the courtroom supported the business of human smuggling of refugees—making immense profits by charging huge prices for transporting refugees in very dangerous conditions, usually crowding too many people in unsafe boats, often not giving them life jackets that actually work, or not putting enough fuel in the motor to reach the shore of the Greek island. It’s a horrendous crime against these vulnerable and desperate people. But the people being tried in this courtroom were not the people running these illegal businesses and getting rich."

Here is another article tackling the unjust sentencing of many more people, most likely there are many more like Nour that we haven't heard of.

Nour is still arrested without any help and his case is forgotten

please sign his petition and share it, Nour deserves our solidarity 

Saving lives is not a crime! 

We demand Nour's immediate release! 




Redd Nour Al-Sameh!

Nour Al-Sameh er fra Syria, han studerte Management i Syria, men måtte flykte fra landet sitt på grunn av krigen. Han ville krysse havet fra Tyrkia til Hellas, men da båten begynte å synke ringte han etter hjelp siden han kunne engelsk.

Han bidro til å hjelpe alle som var ombord på båten. De fikk hjelp av frivillige grupper og aktivister, men Nour Al-Sameh ble tatt av tysk kommandos, fordi de mistenkte at det var han som var sjåfør av båten, siden han var den som ringte etter hjelp.

Al-Sameh ble derfor overlevert til greske marinesoldater, og han fikk bind for øynene og håndjern. Han ble slått, fornærmet og ydmyket av det greske politi. I 2015 ble han anklaget for å ha drevet med menneskesmugling.

Han ble dømt til 315 år i fengsel, og fikk en bot på 3.150.000 euro, i følge Al-Sameh’s advokat. Advokaten ble han tildelt av retten fordi han ikke hadde penger til å betale avgifter for en advokat. Vennene til Nour samlet inn penger slik at han kunne ha en appell, men anken var mot ham.

Saken ble brakt tilbake til den greske høyesteretten, mens Nour fortsatt venter på rettens avgjørelse som vanligvis tar seks måneder. Nour er fortsatt arrestert uten hjelp, og saken hans glemmes. Signer dersom du ønsker å hjelpe Nour Al-Sameh og del gjerne. Nour fortjener vår solidaritet. Å redde liv er ikke en forbrytelse.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!