#GreenNewDeal for Europe: 500 billion euro per year to save our climate!

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The most difficult question our children will ask of us will be: What did you do to avert the climate catastrophe that hit our generation? That's why I am calling for a European Green New Deal and at least 500 billion euro per year to be invested in reversing a climate disaster.

The signs are all around us: Melted icecaps, extreme weather, droughts in rain soaked placed and floods in deserts. Many are experiencing the ill effects of climate change already. For decades we have known what must be done. Yet we, and our politicians, have done nothing! It's unacceptable. As Europeans, with the world's largest combined wealth, we have a duty to act. To preserve hope for a decent future for our children, we must act decisively and immediately. 

One thing is clear to me: We have two options. Massive investment in the future. Or no future.

As the founder of DiEM25 and a candidate for DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA in the European elections, I stand for a radical rethinking of climate and social policy in Europe. That is why I am calling on the European Council today to establish a Green New Deal for Europe. Here is something we can do tomorrow morning: Invest 500 billion euro every year in modern emissions-free energy, transport, industries and agriculture. Invest 500 billion euro every year to create the good quality jobs that go hand-in-hand with avoiding climate catastrophe.

The money already exists. Up to 3 trillion euro is languishing in Europe's financial system doing nothing but harm (e.g. boosting share prices and house prices). By issuing green bonds worth 500 billion per year, the European Investment Bank, which belong to all Europeans, can soak up all this money and put it to work for the environment and for Europeans. The European Central Bank can also help simply by standing by to prop these bonds up, as it has been doing since 2015. 

This Green New Deal can, and must, be implemented immediately. The only thing lacking is the political will. Europe's citizens must provide this political will. We owe it to the children. We owe it to the future. 

My message to the European Council is this: If you are serious about the future of Europe, act now. Adopt our Green New Deal. If you do not, we will. That is why we are competing in the European elections.

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