Martin Selmayr should go

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On February 21, Martin Selmayr, Head of Jean-Claude Juncker's Cabinet, was appointed Secretary-General (SG) of the European Commission, becoming thus the EU's most powerful civil servant.

In the strict Brussels hierarchy, to become SG, candidates have to be a Director-General, or a Deputy Director-General. Selmayr was neither. Unlike his predecessors as secretary-general, Selmayr does not have extensive experience in the upper ranks of any of the Commission’s directorate generals. However, that didn't seem to be a problem. Usually, such a spectacular career move would take many months, with interviews and assessments. Not in this case. Brussels based journalist Jean Quatremer discovered that the decision to appoint Selmayr took less than one minute.

By appointing Martin Selmayr in this most opaque way, the European Commission has once again shown its contempt for democracy and transparency. In a time where Eurosceptisicism is on the rise, where the Union faces the huge challenge of managing Brexit, and in a time where citizens have very little faith in politicians, the EC's behaviour is lamentable.

Although the European Commission insists that “all the legal procedures have been respected religiously”, the EC also admitted to lying about the appointment.

Considering the above, we, the European People, demand his immediate resignation.