EU: Keep crossings open in Cyprus!

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The Government of the Republic of Cyprus took today a unilateral decision to close four of the seven crossing points between the government and non-government controlled areas of island allegedly to monitor and control the spread of the coronavirus.

1.This decision is not only arbitrary and illegal, as it violates the Green Line Regulation, but it is also irrational and disproportional to the aim pursued, if the aim is really the control of the spread of coronavirus.

2.There is not a single person affected from coronavirus either in the north or the south let alone any person who died from it in Cyprus.

3.There is no explanation why closing four of the seven crossing points will effectively control the spread of a virus that has not yet been reported to affect Cyprus in any way.

4.There is no explanation why other, less restrictive measures, are not efficient and they cannot serve the aim pursued or why cooperation between the two sides on the matter has not been considered as an immediate measure to address it if the problem is so serious so as to curtail the freedom of movement of people on the island.

We call on the European Commission as the guardian of the Treaties and the application of the EU law to immediately reinstate and enforce the implementation of the Green Line Regulation in Cyprus and to tackle the unilateral measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus which aim to deepen the division of our island and our communities.