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Ban dolphinariums within the EU

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Dolphinariums are envisioned by the public as a fun, family day out to witness impossible feats performed by various whales and dolphins, however this bubbly and lively attraction has many dark secrets. Even I was once fooled by the permanent smile on the dolphins visage, believing them to truly be happy unaware of the brutal mistreatment towards these innocent creatures. 

Young calves are mercilessly torn away from their families, captured viciously in nets that cut their skin and break their fins. They are then transported in shallow water, festering in their own faeces. Dolphins are highly intelligent animals, their brains are more structurally complex than humans and they can feel a vast range of emotions. Therefore wrenching a calf from their mother is comparable to a young toddler being kidnapped. 

After travelling for most often thousands of miles the exquisite creature may have perished on the journey, if not they are flung by incompetent humans playing God into their new 20 x10 ft home. This is where they will spend their lives, performing like dancing bears used to within the Victorian era. Bottlenose dolphins are supposed to live for up to 40 years within the wild, however within captivity it is but a mere 5 years. This highlights the cruelty of this trade. 

Those who try and argue that their dolphinarium is humane are lying, there is no extent that a person can go to create a space comparable to the conditions a dolphin or whale requires to live a fulfilling life. Humans believe they are superior to all creatures and this is why these prisons still continue to flourish. Unfortunately what I am about to say may leave many baffled, we are not God and never will be we do not have the right to use any creature for our entertainment. Therefore dolphinariums need to be banned, or at least laws placed within the EU that are so strict you can no longer keep dolphins and whales and make a profit. It has proven successful within the UK so why not apply it to the rest of the EU? 

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