Assad's and Iranian henchmen abuse asylum in Europe and call for murder

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To The French Ministry of the Interior, and
The General Directorate of External Security, and
Office of the Public Prosecutor
A French Afghan by the name of Aman Hazara is a French resident, and is the assistant leader of the terrorist organization “Fatemiyoun Brigade in Afghanistan”, and is the representative of the Fatemiyoun Brigade in Europe and in North America (Mr. Alipur is the leader of Fatemiyoun Brigade in Afghanistan). Below is some information about this organization that is controlled and directed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, but have active branches in many countries:
We are informing your office that Mr. Aman Hazara has recently called upon all Hazaras in the world through a video conference, to murder all Pashtun men, rape all Pashtun women, and to decapitate all Pashtun children. In the video conference, he called upon all Hazaras to target all Pashtuns in Afghanistan, in Europe and in North America, and murder them all.
His words are clearly against all French and international laws. His words spew hatred not only towards a large Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan, but hundreds of thousands of Pashtuns who live in Europe (including thousands in France), and in North America. His words of inciting harm to other innocent people clearly do not fit within the Free Speech definition in any jurisdiction. You can easily find many examples of his hateful speeches on Social Media.
All Pashtun residents in Europe and in North America humbly request your office to take immediate actions against Aman Hazara, and his entire group/organization that is currently operated in France, by arresting and prosecuting them under the current French laws.
Thank You