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Remove Bir Krishna Goswami from Europe

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Euro GBC recently decided that only Europe based residents can serve as GBC men for Europe. People who don't like Star wars gurus and diaper gurus decided to fully support Euro GBC to remove HH Bir Krishna Goswami from GBC for Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Devotees from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina are welcome to join this petition to remove HH Bir Krishna Goswami from position of GBC for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.)


HH Bir Krishna Goswami has been serving as diaper guru in Europe, specifically as star wars guru for Slovenia since 1999. Later he also accepted service as spreading Jedi glories to other countries in Balkans. Bosnian yatra has been severely damaged by 3 hour Ramesh baba nama yajnas, therefore we may conclude that Bir Krishna Goswami thinks that Srila Prabhupada is not enough to bring us back to spiritual world.

Maharaja's presence and association is great inspiration for Krishna West nonsense, which proposes philosophically deviant theory that we can conquer the world through muffins and jeans.

We are surprised to hear that he was able to spread this nonsense for so many years. Why change something that works well? Why not allow him to continue with spreading of Star wars and muffin tattva, which he does with such dedication and devotion to Srila Prabhupada and which gives such excellent results?

Benefits of decision:
If he is removed from GBC for Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, then we will have some chance to hear real philosophy from Prabhupada's books. It will make it easier for Euro GBC, since there will not be problems with this yatra.

If, however, he is not removed, we are very concerned that all devotees in slovenian yatra will no longer be Jedis, rather, they might cross to the Dark side. As we have seen in other places, when a strong Jedi leader goes, then things start to collapse and many conflicts and problems arise which could be prevented, if the leader remained.

Please watch Star wars video here:

Therefore, we the undersigned, petition Euro GBC to remove HH Bir Krishna Goswami from all positions outside of Jedi federation.


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