NZ Trawling ban

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Trawling is a serious issue, when commercial fishing boats use nets to catch fish they have a big chance of catching things that are not supposed to be caught like whales or dolphins, this can result in unnecessary death. 44% of the seabed above 400m has been trawled before, that means that every percent of the seabed that they trawl there is a chance of catching an endangered species. Even though they’re not in the quota, all species of fish are in danger of being caught. There is so much by-catch caught that it totals to 40 percent of the world's catch, totaling 63 billion pounds per year. I hope this shows you that we need to take action on this!

If enough people sign this petition then it will show the Government that we mean business and they might actually ban it!

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We love our environment and we want to save the animals that live in it.