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Petition on the Agenda of EU Parliamentary Debate: April 27 afternoon

Association of McKenzie Friends

Apr 20, 2016 — Dear Supporters

It's real, but who knows what difference it's going to make when ALL 751 members of the EU Parliament (MEPs) will become aware of the issues we have been addressing: Wednesday, April 27 in the afternoon.

It's a complex process of 'democratic selection' who will be given the word. But it's happening!!!

It's far from perfect, as the long term overall agenda of the EU Commission (the permanent civil servants) still seems to be overriding what citizens (and their elected representatives) want.

However, we must realise that the 'Illuminati' were formed 240 years ago, to plan today's institutions. Over the next 20 years, they are aiming at
-- one world government
-- one world currency [debt-based of course, i.e. really, really bad]
-- one world religion.

This one-world religion has only recently become apparent: satanism...

We don't want to frighten you more than necessary, but it is becoming a reality we can't escape. Suffice to say that it explains the institutionalised child snatching that we've been trying to STOP.

For satanists need and want children for their criminal purposes.

Here's the HOME page for more information about Plenary Sessions:

Here's where you'll be able to watch it LIVE and later when it's convenient for you:

We'll keep you posted of course.

Breathe deeply while we keep going. We can only do what we do, because we have seen far too many cases first hand. Hence we see patterns and recognise the systems at work.

At this stage, we think that only together, and only internationally, can we hope to STOP this.

We've been encouraged to SUBMIT MORE PETITIONS to the Petitions Committee:

Please use the title lines of the form to send a document. Otherwise you'll end up losing information.

Do tell the Committee your story. Do ask them to ask the UK Government to RETURN your children!!!

Do contact YOUR MEP and ask them to look into your tragedy!

Do ask them to read the report of the eight MEPs who came to London for a 'fact finding visit' in November. Its final version was voted on yesterday, so it will be available online soon.

And then tell your MP what you've done and get him/ her to look at the petition we submitted to the UK Government in 2013:

Take heart to develop your courage!

We all have to become more and more courageous.

Nobody else does it for us...

The world is NOT as we're made to believe. As a minimum, let's fight to get our children back: together, internationally.

Belinda and Sabine

Keep fighting for people power!

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