Respect the European Court of justice decisions on Western Sahara

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In its rulings of 21 December 2016 and 27 February 2018, the Court of justice of the EU was clear in defining the status of Western Sahara as a distinct territory, subject to a UN led decolonization process, denying Morocco’s sovereignty claims and emphasizing the inapplicability of EU-Morocco agreements to Western Sahara. Furthermore, the Court of Justice of the European Union set the consent of  the people of Western Sahara as the essential pre-condition for the legitimacy of any agreement to be applied to Western Sahara and the Court referred to the international humanitarian law as the framework for such an application.

The EU Commission ignored the key principles of the judgment. Instead of seeking the consent of the people of Western Sahara, the Commission engaged in “consultations with stakeholders" while a deal with Morocco had already been initialed.

We are concerned and aggravated by the way the EU External Action Service and the EU Commission distort and manipulate our rights, and our voice. So let’s be clear, here today. The Saharawi civil society opposes any agreement with Morocco that includes Western Sahara, this is our position. And we demand the EU Commission to reflect explicitly our position in their report to the Council and the European Parliament in full transparency. We reject the approach of the EU Commission to negotiate deals covering our land with the occupier, and we will oppose any outcome of that approach, as the entire premise was in violation of our rights.

Our conclusion is that there are serious attempts to drag the EU Council and the European Parliament toward a major violation of international law, EU law and the fundamental values of the EU in the name of rapacity and economic interests